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John B. Beecher
1917 - 2005

Michael Beecher

About Us

Sales Leads is a provider of business-to-business sales prospecting data established in 1959 by John Beecher, father of the current company owner and president, Michael Beecher.

We are a subscription-based information service specializing in information on industrial facilities, corporate HQs and hospitals that are planning or undergoing construction, expansion or relocation in the lower 48 United States or Canada. These growing companies usually need equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures, phone systems, computers and more. But how do you find out about these companies? And where do you locate the right people to contact? That’s where Sales Leads proves its value: we’re experts at finding expanding companies – companies ready to buy – and we save you hours of time trying to track them down yourself. We do the research so you can spend your valuable time doing what you do best: selling! And we offer Sales Leads at a better price than any other lead service. One sale usually pays for your subscription!



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