• Understanding Your Industrial Project Sales Pipeline

    Posted On May 10, 2017 by Robert Smith

    Not every prospect with whom you make contact is going to buy your company's product or service during the initial correspondence. Whether you reach out to prospects via email, phone, or face to face, most prospects are hesitant the first time you contact them. Using industrial reports and market intelligence tools can help to ensure that you are engaging with the right companies, at the right time... Assuming you nurture them, however, you can often convert some of these prospects into paying customers.

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  • Planned Industrial Project Activity - April 2017 Recap

    Posted On May 05, 2017 by Robert Smith

    SalesLeads' experienced research team identified 457 new planned industrial projects during the month of April 2017. Below are a few of highlights on major projects and trends.

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  • Content Marketing Tips for Industrial Suppliers

    Posted On April 24, 2017 by Robert Smith

    Industrial suppliers face a myriad of challenges when it comes to generating new sales leads, especially with content marketing. From where will they source the content? How do they create stellar content that's engaging and relevant to their target audience? How do you avoid overly promotional content? These are just a few questions that industrial suppliers must answer when developing a content marketing plan. The good news is that thinking outside of the box to generate more industrial supply leads can produce dramatic results. Here a few ideas:

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  • Industrial Lead Generation: Past vs. Present

    Posted On February 22, 2017 by Evan Lamolinara

    Lead generation is a critical component of an industrial company's sales process. Once you've captured a qualified lead, you can nurture him or her through the sales funnel, hopefully converting that sales lead into a paying customer.

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  • Small Business and Big Data

    Posted On February 17, 2017 by Robert Smith

    Are you using Big Data in your business's day to day operations? The term “Big Data” refers to data sets that are too large and/or complex for traditional programs and applications to effectively process. Statistics show that the world's capacity to store data has doubled once every 40 months since 1980. There's now so much data that many companies struggle to use it.

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