• Planned Industrial Project Activity - April 2017 Recap

    Posted On May 05, 2017 by Robert Smith

    SalesLeads' experienced research team identified 457 new planned industrial projects during the month of April 2017. Below are a few of highlights on major projects and trends.

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  • Industrial Lead Generation: Past vs. Present

    Posted On February 22, 2017 by Evan Lamolinara

    Lead generation is a critical component of an industrial company's sales process. Once you've captured a qualified lead, you can nurture him or her through the sales funnel, hopefully converting that sales lead into a paying customer.

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  • Industrial Sales Tip: Boosting Revenue With Service Plans

    Posted On July 27, 2016 by Robert Smith

    Selling service and maintenance plans for industrial and construction equipment is a highly effective way to boost revenue. If a company buys a new forklift or piece of packaging equipment, for instance, it may also be interested in a service plan. Doing so ensures the equipment will operate efficiently throughout its lifetime. And should any problems arise, the servicing company will usually fix them. This helps to create logical reasons for additional customer "touches" past sale; which will ensure that your company is in the know of any upcoming sales opportunites.

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  • Get More Sales Leads With These Telemarketing Tricks

    Posted On July 08, 2016 by Robert Smith

    Convincing a prospect to buy your industrial service and/or equipment over the phone isn't always easy. In fact, many prospects ignore such sales calls altogether, making your job that much harder. But there are ways to promote a better response and generate more sales leads with your calls.

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  • Four Offline Tactics to Generate More Industrial Leads

    Posted On May 05, 2016 by Robert Smith

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