Since 1959, Sales Leads been helping sales professionals, sales and marketing managers, and executives across the US and Canada increase sales team productivity and drive revenue growth.

Today, our fully customized sales enablement tools are built around sourcing targeted business intelligence, accurate company and contact level data, and relevant insights for your business, so you can focus on the important stuff.

The problem we solve for B2B organizations

Many B2B organizations rely on generic lead lists, which often contain incomplete and inaccurate contact information. Or they count on inbound marketing, which can be unpredictable and take years to produce meaningful results.

We solve these problems with timely intelligence on new business opportunities at your target companies, coupled with accurate company information, and access to decision makers' direct contact information.

It’s how we fulfill our mission to solve the biggest problem in B2B sales and marketing – finding more, qualified prospects when they’re preparing to buy what you sell.

How We Help Sales Teams

Sales teams don’t have enough time to devote hours toward researching which companies to target, nor searching for who to call with each company.

We help sales teams uncover new opportunities and identify key decision makers so they can focus on selling, not researching who to engage.

How We Help Marketing Leaders

Dynamic marketing executives want to do far more than rely on inbound leads and poorly targeted prospect lists. We provide quality outbound B2B marketing data made up of your ideal prospects at times when they’re most likely to convert into paying clients.

Our contact information, including direct phone numbers and email addresses, are meticulously tested for accuracy so that you can plug new prospects directly into your email marketing campaigns.

People + Technology = Our Equation for Success

Our team of researchers, who have unrivaled experience in the field, coupled with our powerful proprietary technology, deliver the time-sensitive trigger event based business opportunities and the accurate prospect data you need to take action, and drive revenue growth.


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“One deal [from using Sales Leads] makes it worthwhile.”

“SalesLeads is used as a starter conversation, and leads to meetings and extra confidence for the Reps.”

"For the past 14 years I've used your service as tool for starting conversations with new prospects and gaining new business. I would recommend SalesLeads to anybody that needs to find new business"

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