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Lets Open New Doors for Your Sales Team

Simply put, we hunt for new business for you. Everyday, we do all of the hard work to get your sales team in front of qualified decision makers at your ideal customers. We utilize our internal prospecting database, industry leading marketing tools, and seasoned business growth specialists to generate high quality sales leads that are ready to talk with your technical sales team.

Who We Help

Over the last 60 years, SalesLeads has developed partnerships with industrial sales and marketing leadership at companies like:

  • Material Handling
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Compressed Air
  • Floor Coatings
  • Process Equipment
  • Facilities Services
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Mechanical
  • Systems Integrators
  • Cranes and Hoists
  • Process Equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Lift Trucks
  • Control Systems
  • Automation
  • Staffing
  • Logistics
  • Industrial Supplies

Our Process

Our Process

Identify - Our internal prospecting database and market-leading 3rd party data tools contain over 17 million companies and 20 million industrial decision makers and stakeholders globally. Using your ideal customer profiles, we identity key decision makers and stakeholders within your key target accounts

Engage - We engage your prospects through a combination of marketing channels, including direct phone prospecting, email outreach, and social media brand awareness campaigns. The exact mix or “cookbook” is determined by your business goals, budget and lead volume requirements. Once we uncover a qualified prospect and opportunity for your sales team, we hand off for you to close and serve.

Nurture - Not every new lead is ready to engage immediately; some will undoubtedly take several months to engage. Sometimes the timing just isn’t right. If and when this happens, our team will continue to nurture your ideal fit prospects until they “raise their hand”, and are ready to engage with your sales team.

Handoff - We hand-off sales-ready prospects that are interested in scheduling a call with your team, setting up a visit, or receiving more information on your product or service. The hand-off parameters are defined by you, and we work as an extension of your sales team to pass prospects to your team when the prospect meets those parameters.

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“I have used your service for many years and I can say without a doubt that we have had over $500,000 to $750,000 in sales because of your company.”

“Your information is the best available, best in completeness, best in accuracy and quickest to market. Recognizing that Sales Leads was founded 50 years ago, I am astonished that it is still ahead-of-the-curve, ahead of its competition.”

“I really was amazed at the accuracy of your information – especially for the cost! You guys do a great job!”

“Thank you for providing an exceptional service. Your company is a pleasure to work with and as a customer I feel as if you appreciate my business”

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