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Industrial prospecting and appointment setting is an ever-evolving process. You could implement a campaign one day and need to re-evaluate your approach the next. It requires strategy, efficiency, and endurance. If you want to stand out in the business world, you need a prospecting approach that creates an experience worth remembering. You need a lead generation partner that creates a custom strategic approach like SalesLeads.

Empower Your Internal Sales Team

With SalesLeads integrated into your outbound go-to-market motion, you will receive key insights and qualifying details into what drives your client’s purchasing decisions, from the first contact point to the final appointment. Because your business, product, and target audience are all unique, we will develop a customized strategy that will take your sales approach to the next level. On the other hand, the basic framework of our proven process is so effective that it stays the same for each of our clients. Our industrial prospecting and appointment setting approach derives from years of thorough, data-driven studies, testing, and methodology. It leverages key data points to enrich the experience with each and every lead personally.

Overview of Our Process

Our process’s core includes three basic tenants: Strategic Planning, Performance Evaluation, and Campaign Optimization. First, we build a targeted, effective lead list and sift through it to find qualified leads. After contacting potential clients and pique their interest, we will schedule appointments with the decision-makers for your sales team. Using this lead generation approach puts your sales team in a better position to close the deal. Rather than spending hours sifting through unqualified leads, they only throw them away when they remain uninterested.

Another key component of our prospecting approach is getting to know you and your ideal client. We focus on getting to know everything possible about your business, from strategic priorities, to sales rep territory alignment, to competitors and market dynamics. This invaluable information will ensure that we can make the most out of our prospecting partnership. We will ask questions like why are you looking for a B2B lead generation service similar to ours? What do you hope to get out of our partnership? How much of your market do you own right now? Most importantly, what are your monthly, quarterly, and annual objectives?

We know that your business is unique, so we must work with you to figure out exactly how we can align with your goals— we won’t make any assumptions. Together, we can discover the type of approach to make your weakness as strong as your strengths. Once we create program assets, like, custom scripts, email templates, nurture outlines, we will train our team in your unique verbiage and brand messaging. We design a custom training curriculum to familiarize sales agents with your product or service, the competitive environment, and any potential objections they might face. Then, we will teach Sales Development Rep(SDR) how to respond to these issues with suitable rebuttals or push leads further down the sales cycle.

After the program launches, we will be looking for prospects and meetings with decision makers that will positively impact your business’s ROI. Not only will we ensure that SDRs follow the strategy, but we will continually test our prospecting approach. This step is where we take notes, test, and adjust. We will re-evaluate our strategy to ensure that we use the most optimal sales approach.

Since 1959, hundreds of industrial product and service providers have partnered with SalesLeads to help drive growth. Trust us to help you develop an industrial lead generation program hat maximizes your sales team’s potential. We will develop a campaign that consistently fills your team’s appointment book with qualified leads with the highest potential to close.


“One deal [from using Sales Leads] makes it worthwhile.”

“SalesLeads is used as a starter conversation, and leads to meetings and extra confidence for the Reps.”

"For the past 14 years I've used your service as tool for starting conversations with new prospects and gaining new business. I would recommend SalesLeads to anybody that needs to find new business"

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