• Posted On Saturday, April 16, 2016 by Robert Smith

    Generating leads is critical to the success of any B2B product or service provider. If you don't have a list of prospective customers to whom to promote your products and/or services, you won't achieve any notable level of success in your industry. While you can always spend thousands of dollars on attending tradeshows and using PPC that yield a minimal response, there are other, more cost-effective ways to procure industrial leads.

    Create a Newsletter 

    One of the most effective low-cost ways to generate industrial leads is to create a newsletter. Rather than a physical paper newsletter, however, you should create a digital newsletter via email. This is done by harvesting email addresses of prospective customers, at which point you can send them emails on a regular basis. As long as your content is good and relevant to your audience, they'll remain subscribed to your newsletter. Creating TOMA(Top Of Mind Awareness) will ensure that you don't let any leads that are aleady in your database slip through the cracks.

    Get on LinkedIn

    If you haven't done so already, create a LinkedIn Page for your business. You can then use this platform to connect with prospective customers, monitor industry trends, and begin developing new relocationships. Personal and company LinkedIn pages are completely free to create, making this an ideal method of lead generation for a budget-conscious salesperson.

    Use Consistent Branding

    Your band reflects who you are and what you do. Therefore, you should use consistent brand imagery and elements in your promotional efforts to reinforce this information. A strong brand will differentiate your business from its competitors, encouraging prospects to choose you.

    Attend Networking Events

    Of course, another low-cost way to generate industrial sales leads to attend networking events. Check to see if there are any upcoming events for industrial professionals in your area. Even if you are unable to generate sales from them, you may still develop professional relationships that prove invaluable in attracting new prospects while subsequently growing your business.

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