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    Whether you are cold calling prospects with whom you have had no prior conversation, or if you are calling qualified leads who've already expressed interest in your product or service, you can expect to spend a significant portion of your time on the phone. Calling remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with prospects, and it's unlikely this will change anytime soon. But how many sales calls should you make as a salesperson?

    Calling New Prospects for the First Time

    When calling new sales leads for the first time, there's really no limit on the number of calls you should make. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that more calls will yield more sales, which is the primary goal for most B2B inside salespersons. So as long as you have a list of prospects on hand, go ahead and make that initial call.

    What About Existing Prospects?

    If you've already spoken with a prospect in the past, however, you should limit the number of calls you make. Attempting to call the prospect half a dozen or more times in a single week may discourage them from purchasing your product or service. A good rule of thumb is to call existing prospects – meaning prospects with whom you've already spoken – no more than 6 times in a month, assuming the calls go unanswered.

    If the prospect answers the phone, however, you should schedule a different date/time for a follow-up call if he or she rejects your offer. For instance, ask the prospect if you can call back next Tuesday at 10:00 AM. Specifying a date and time will help prospects remember the sales call, and furthermore, they won't feel burdened when you call back. It will help if you get in the habit of sending calender invites, so that the follow up appointment is on their schedule. 

    Here are some tips to improve the conversion rate of your sales calls: 

    • Don't follow the same approach with each and every call. Instead, customize your pitch based on the prospect and his or her needs. Personalized sales calls will yield far more conversions than generic sales calls.
    • Address prospects' by name. This otherwise simple touch will go a long ways in creating stronger connections and ultimately more sales.
    • Be confident in your approach. A lack of confidence is a recipe for disaster in the industrial sales business. You need to be confident in your ability to connect with prospects; otherwise, this doubt will make them think twice about making a purchase.
    • Set daily or weekly goals. Salespersons should set daily goals for calling new prospects and generating sales. This will serve as a road map, so to speak, allowing you to see exactly how much work is required to meet your goals. If you miss your goal one day, then you know that you need to pick up the pace the next day.

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