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    So, you've added a new product to your company's line, and now you're faced with the task of trying to sell it? Prospective customers are often standoffish when it comes to new products, largely because they aren't familiar with them. But there are ways to overcome prospects' doubts and generate qualified leads.

    Create a Sense of Urgency

    Another tactic that's often used for selling new products is to place a time-sensitive offer on it. For instance, you could offer 10% off the new product for all customers who order within the next 30 days. Creating a sense of urgency encourages prospects to take action and buy rather than “think”.

    Call Your Best Clients First

    Of course, you can expect a higher conversion rate when selling a new product to your company's regulars. If a customer has purchased similar products in the past, perhaps he or she is also interested in your new line. You should have a list of your past customers, in which case you can pitch your new product to them. You may have data stored in your CRM or your sales team would most likely know who would and would not be interested. 

    Announce it in a Press Release 

    There's no better way to create buzz for a new product than by announcing it in a press release. Press releases are often picked up by news outlets, some of whom may share the message in their own broadcasts. After adding a new product to your company's lineup, create a press release to announce it. This is a simple yet effective way to increase the product's exposure and ultimately drive more sales – all for the minimal investment of your time.

    Target the Right Demographic

    Arguably, one of the most important steps in selling a new industrial construction equipment is matching it with the right demographic. In other words, who is most likely to use this equipment? If you are selling a new forklift, then perhaps you should target warehouses and similar commercial organizations. Matching your product to the right demographic is essential when selling a new product.

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