• Posted On Monday, August 22, 2016 by Evan Lamolinara

    An email newsletter is an invaluable tool for a company to connect with their target audience. Unlike traditional marketing emails, it typically consists of a series of ongoing emails, some of which are commercial while others are not commercial in nature. But if you're planning to use an email newsletter to promote your business, you should follow these tips to maximize conversions.

    Segment Your List

    Try to get into the habit of segmenting your email list based on user demographic and interests. Instead of sending the same email to every B2B lead who's subscribed to your newsletter, you can send customized emails depending on their demographic. We've talked about this before on our blog, but customized emails yield more sales and conversions than generic emails.

    Include Case Studies

    You can also reinforce the “value” of business by presenting case studies in your newsletter. If a particular client experienced strong growth after investing in your service, for instance, perhaps you can share the client's story in an email. Seeing first-hand cases such as this instills trust and confidence in prospects.

    Follow a Schedule

    One of the defining characteristics of an email newsletter is that it usually follows a schedule, meaning subscribers expect to receive a new email every so often. And if you fail to send your subscribers new email on a regular basis, they may back out your newsletter. To prevent this from happening, create and follow a schedule in which you send subscribers a new email at least once per week.

    Add Value

    You can't expect prospects to open and read your newsletter emails unless they provide real value. If your emails are nothing more than advertisements promoting products or services, recipients will likely unsubscribe. Add value to your emails by including helpful, relevant content. You can still use emails to promote your products or services, but they should also contain non-commercial content.

    Keep Your Emails Short

    Contrary to what some people may believe, shorter emails actually yield a stronger response. According to a study conducted by Boomerang, 50 to 125 words is the sweet spot, yielding the best response rates at 50+%. Granted, there are times when 125 words isn't enough to convey your message in an email – and that's OK. Just remember to keep the majority of your newsletter emails short and conversions will soon follow.

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