• Posted On Tuesday, August 02, 2016 by Robert Smith

    So, you've harvested or otherwise acquired a list of prospects; now you're faced with task of trying to convince those prospects to buy your company's products or services. You'll need to gradually nurture your sales leads to convert them into paying customers.

    Use a Marketing Automation Tool

    Marketing automation is a rapidly growing trends in the B2B sales and marketing world. These tools a significantly imporve your sales teams efficiency by creating emial workflows that are crafted to send the best message at the best time. There are dozens of companies that provide tools that you can use; all with varying costs depending on the complexity of your campaigns and customers buying journey. 

    Don't Send Duplicate Messages to the Same Prospect

    Whether it's an email, direct mail, voicemail or any other marketing material, try to avoid sending duplicate messages to the same prospect. If a prospect discovers duplicate emails in his or her inbox, for instance, they may mark it as spam. And once your email has been marked as spam, you'll have a difficult time reaching that prospect in the future, let alone converting him or her into a paying customer.

    Do Follow Up with Prospects

    Even if a prospect declines your offer, you should still follow up with him or her at a later date. There are dozens of reasons why prospects may not respond to a campaign. In some cases, you can turn these rejections into approvals, but you'll need to follow up with the prospect in order to do so.

    Don't Use Outdated Prospect Lists

    You can't expect to achieve a high conversion rate if you are using an old or poorly targeted lead list. Your list must be accurate and up to date; otherwise, you'll have face an uphill battle trying to generate sales.

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