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    Targeting the right prospects is critical to B2B revenue growth. If an audience has little-to-no interest in your products or services, you'll face an uphill battle trying to generate new sales leads. On the other hand, if an audience IS interested in your products or services, you'll have an easier time engaging with them. Here's a few quick tips for converting your B2B leads to paying customers.

    Bombarding Prospects with Excessive Promotional Material

    Don't make the mistake of sending prospects and excessive amount of promotional material, as this may discourage them from taking action. You can still promote your products or services to prospects, but without being intrusive. If a prospect discovers his or her email inbox is flooded with dozens of promotional messages from your company, they may mark your email as spam, never to be seen or heard from again.

    Waiting too Long 

    Another all-too-common mistake that salespeople make when targeting prospects is waiting too long. The longer you wait, the lower your chances of converting them into paying customers. This is why it's important that salespersons take immediate action, marketing their products or services to prospects while they are still fresh.

    Not Tracking Conversions

    If you don't know which prospects are converting into paying customers and which ones aren't, how can you optimize your marketing strategy for higher conversions? The short answer: you can't. So, make sure you have some type of system in place that tracks conversions. By separating your paying customers from failed leads, you can enhance your marketing efforts by narrowing down your target demographic.

    Not Scoring Leads

    When you harvest leads for your company, try scoring them based on their likelihood of converting into paying customers. There's no single best way to score leads, as it varies depending on the business's niche/industry. The general idea, though, is that you should give each lead a score based on its quality. With this information in hand, you can focus your marketing efforts on high-scoring leads.

    Using Same Approach for all Prospects

    The entire point of segmenting your prospective customers is to allow customized marketing approach. If you pitch your products or services in the same way to all prospects, it's not going to offer any real benefit. However, you can greatly improve your conversions and generate more sales by using a customized marketing approach to prospects. 

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