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    If you're looking to drive revenue growth at your company, you should check out these simple lead generation tips that will help generate more B2B sales leads.

    Target Existing Customers

    Rather than promoting your products or services strictly to new prospects, diversify your efforts by targeting existing customers as well. According to some reports, it costs 4 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. This is because existing customers are already “nurtured,” making them easier to convert.

    Content Messaging

    According to a study of 700 global executives of B2B companies, one of the most common mistakes made by B2B companies is poor content messaging for their respective brands. As a B2B sales and marketing professional,  it's important to use brand elements to convey your message. However, you should present your brand in the most honest and positive light possible. So whether you promote your B2B company in person, on social media, through the mail or elsewhere, present your brand in a positive and truthful light.

    Be Available 

    This tip applies to all companies, including those in the B2B sector. When a prospective customer has a question or concern, he or she will probably try to reach you. And if you aren't available, it could turn an otherwise satisfied prospect into a disgruntled prospect. Make yourself available by offering multiple methods of contact. In addition to email, perhaps prospects and existing customers can reach you via direct phone line, fax and social media. The more methods of contact you offer, the better.

    Embrace the Mobile Movement

    Studies show that more people now access the Internet on their smartphones than desktop computers. What does this mean for B2B companies? Long story short, B2B companies should maintain a strong presence on Google's mobile search results to ensure greater visibility. If your website is only compatible on desktop computers, it's doubtful that you'll achieve a top search ranking for mobile search results. Use Google's free testing tool to see if your website is compatible on mobile devices.

    Target New Markets

     Of course, you can also grow and develop your B2B company by targeting new markets. Regardless of what exactly your company sells/offers, chances are there's an untapped market (or several) worth exploring. By expanding your operations into such markets, you'll reach a larger audience while generating more sales in the process.

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