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    While there are dozens of ways to generate business-to-business leads, content marketing remains one of the most effective. It involves publishing high-quality content that's relevant to your target audience – other business owners and professionals – in hopes of acquiring them as a lead or customer.

    Add Images to Text Articles

    When writing text articles, be sure to include at least one image. Why is this necessary? According to a study cited by JeffBullas, articles with images receive 94% more views than articles without images. Images turn an otherwise bland and boring piece of text into a captivating form of media. As such, you'll experience a stronger response by your target audience when including images in your articles.

    Leverage Social Media

    After publishing content, promote it on your social media profiles and pages. Assuming you have a following of prospects, those prospects will see your content, and some of them may buy your product or service. Whether it's LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ (or all three), use social media to spread the word about your content and generate more sales leads. You can even schedule your social media posts in advance using a service like HootSuite, which offers both a free and premium/paid version.


    Want to know the secret to a successful content marketing campaign? It's to focus on quality instead of quantity. By publishing truly exceptional content that's a notch above your competitors, you'll present your business as being the authority figure for its respective niche or industry. And when people view you in this perspective, they'll feel more comfortable buying your products or services.

    Keep it Simple

    Sometimes simple content yields a stronger response by audience members than complex content. The problem with complex content is that some users may have trouble accessing it, such as the case involving Flash and similar forms of rich media. If you keep your content simple, you'll reap the benefits of increased exposure and visibility, which should translate into more B2B leads for your company.


    You should also measure the success of your content marketing efforts using an analytics platform. For content published on a website that you own or otherwise manage, Google Analytics is an excellent solution. For social media content, perhaps you should use the network's built-in analytics, such as Insights for Facebook. Many email service providers also have their own analytics solution. 

    These are just a few tips to generate more B2B leads through content marketing. 

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