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    Email marketing offers countless benefits for business-to-business (B2B) companies. It allows for a more personal connection with prospects than traditional direct mail; it's measurable (you can track metrics like open rates, click-through-rates, conversions, etc.); it's cost-effective; and you can market to the same prospect multiple times. But if you plan on using email to help generate more sales leads, you'll need to build a list of subscribers.

    Include a Sign-Up Form on Your Website

    Assuming you have a website for your B2B company (and you should), you can use it to attract more subscribers to your newsletter. If you place a subscribe form on your website, visitors may subscribe to your newsletter. It's just that simple. But to further encourage sign-ups, you should make the form as simple as possible, requesting only basic information from subscribers.

    Social Media

    If your company has a strong presence on social media, why not use that presence to attract more subscribers to your B2B newsletter? Simply asking your followers on Facebook to subscribe, for instance, can yield tons of new subscribers. When used in conjunction with other social media networks like Twitter and LinkedIn, this is a great way to build a larger email list.

    Provide Value

    You can't expect users to subscribe to your newsletter unless there's a reason for them doing so. Normally, users subscribe to email newsletters for content. They “expect” to receive high-quality content that's relevant to their interest. So if you want to attract more subscribers to your newsletter, provide them with the right content. This doesn't necessarily have to be unique content, as it's perfectly fine to repurpose content from external sources like your brochure or website.

    Encourage Recipients to Share

    Another simple yet effective way to attract more subscribers to your list is to encourage sharing. At the bottom of your emails, for instance, include a “tell a friend” or “share this message” forward link. Recipients can click this link to share your email with a friend – and that friend may also subscribe to your email newsletter.

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