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    So, you've acquired a long list of office moving leads and now you're faced with the task of following up with the prospects to begin developing a business relationship with them. Cold calling can help you can turn those leads into customers, but only when it's done correctly.

    Act NOW

    Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and begin calling your leads. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of them choosing a different vendor to help with the relocation. Once you've obtained a list of qualified leads, you should immediately begin cold calling them. Office moving leads are time-sensitive, and those who act fast will get rewarded with more contracts.

    Consolidate Your Moving Leads

    When you begin to call prospective clients, consolidate your leads by placing them in different categories. For instance, you can create a category for leads who are not interested in your service (cold leads), another category for prospects who are somewhat interested in your moving service(warm leads), and another category for prospects who are definitely interested in your service(hot leads). Segmenting your office relocation leads will allow you to create customized scripts for cold calling.

    Call at The Right Times

    The effectiveness of cold calling will rely heavily on when it's done. Ask yourself: when is my target audience most likely to answer the phone and hear me out? For a commercial moving business, this is typically during the early morning to late afternoon hours on the weekdays. Of course, you should feel free to call at all times of the day to see what works and what doesn't. But focus your efforts on the early morning weekday hours for a higher response rate.

    Make Your Calls Personal

    Personalizing your cold calls will have a significant impact in your conversions. Sure, it's easier to read the same lines over and over, from call to call, but a better approach is to personalize your calls. If you know the prospect's name already, go ahead and greet him or her by their name. You should even mention their impending relocation in your initial script; this will go a long way in helping to develop rapport.

    Follow Up

    When a prospect tells that you that he or she “might” be interested in your commercial services, you should follow up with a second, third, or fourth phone call. Persistent follow up is key in earning a positive ROI with your moving leads. You should even try different methods like email or social media outreach. 

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