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    Social media has exploded in terms of use and popularity in recent years. According to the Pew Internet Project, nearly 3 out 4 adults (74%) use some type of social networking site. You can use this widespread popularity to your advantage by searching social media outlets as a tool to fine more new industrial news and project leads. It does take a little bit of leg work, but if you are willing to be patient you can find projects that you had no idea about.

    Follow Prospective Industrial Clients on Twitter

    It's not uncommon for industrial companies to post tweets about their everyday operations. Some of these tweets may be generic, containing little-of-no value, whereas others may reveal key information about projects. So, try following some industrial companies in areas that you service, monitoring their accounts for mentions of upcoming industrial projects and/or investments. You can also look for news about new hires, mergers and aquisitions, and startecig changes that might present a new sales opportunity for you. Keep in mind, however, that you can only follow 2,000 users, at which point Twitter may increase your following limit depending on your ratio of following to followers.

    Create a LinkedIn Page

    Every business should have a LinkedIn page, as it's an invaluable tool in attracting customers and creating greater brand recognition. It is a landing spot for you prospects in the your current network to learn more about your company. Anytime you comment on a LinkedIn group discussion for your industry, you AND your company gain exposure; this needs to be taken advatnage of as much as possible. Upon creating your company's LinkedIn page, post relevant information about your business, including a short history of how it was started, what your business offers, and contact information. As long as you publish quality content to your page on a regular basis, prospects may stumble upon your page, requesting your services as a result.

    Social Media Searching Tools

    While you can always search social media networking sites for relevant keywords like “commerical construction projects”, “construction expansion”, “plant expansions”, and “industrial project investments,” a more efficient solution is to use one of the many social searching tools. Social Mention and Social Searcher are both designed for this very reason, they will help you find more B2B sales leads They'll scour the social media stratosphere in search of your keywords, taking the burden of manually combing each network off your shoulders.

    These are just a ways to find more industrial projects on social media. Above all else, though, remain active on your social media accounts by posting new content and engaging in discussions. Following these otherwise simple tips will yield tons of new leads.


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