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    Equipment maintenance strategies can be used to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately increase revenue for industrial sales professionals. Unfortunately, many B2B companies overlook this tactic when working with their manufacturing leads; focusing strictly on the initial sale. Once they've sold equipment, they move on to the next commercial project. But a smarter approach is to stay in touch with your clients, upselling relevant equipment services to them. If you are not offering service or maintenance packages, then you are missing out on revenue opportunities with you

    Different Types of Equipment Service

    While the exact type of equipment service will vary depending on a number of different factors, most can be broken down into one of the three following categories:

    1. Preventive service – involves servicing the equipment so it's less prone to failure, breakage, and other problems. Preventive service may include regular on-site inspections and adjustments.
    2. Repair service – when a client encounters a problem with his or her equipment, they may seek a repair service. The equipment provider will then send a technician or team to fix the broken equipment.
    3. Improvement service – a third type of equipment service is improvements/upgrades, which as the name suggests involves enhancing a client's equipment with additional features or functionality.

    Service Contracts

    When selling industrial equipment to a client, always ask to see if he or she is interested in purchasing an ongoing service contract. This is most commonly done in conjunction with preventive services, ensuring the equipment continues to function as intended. If a client wants to purchase a vacuum lifter, for instance, let him or her know that you also offer preventive services for the vacuum lifter. Explain how the service works (e.g. a technician will inspect and perform maintenance on the lifter once every six months) and see how they respond. You'll probably be surprised at just how many clients are eager to purchase service contracts for their industrial equipment.

    Explain Why Clients Need Equipment Services

    Some people view equipment services as nothing more than an unnecessary cost with no real value or merit. As a salesperson, however, it's your job to convince them of the value added. Explain to the client why they need your equipment services. This may include reduced downtime, greater productivity, lower risk of employee injury, and fewer administrative headaches. By hearing these benefits first hand, they'll feel more comfortable purchasing equipment services from your business.

    Follow Through with Exceptional Service

    If you are going to offer equipment service add-ons, make sure you follow through by providing clients with an exceptional level of service. This means having the technician arrive on the scheduled date and fully performing the intended services.

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