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    Tired of looking at an empty no calendar with no commercial moves scheduled for your business? It's difficult to run a successful office relocation business without clients. The first step in acquiring new clients is to generate qualified sales leads. Here are some effective strategies to generate more office moving leads for your business.

    Create an Email Newsletter

    Email newsletters are a great way to score office moving leads. Basically, you create a email signup form on your website or blog in which visitors enter their email address in order to subscribe to recieve your content. You may then send these subscribers emails about relevant industry trends, tips, videos, etc. Assuming your newsletter is closely related to commercial offices, you can also subtly your relocation services to these leads.

    Direct Mail Advertisements

    Even with all of the new lead-generation opportunities presented by the Internet, direct mail advertisements remain an effective, time-tested method to generate more leads. The USPS offers several different ad packages, ranging from full-size brochures that are dedicated to your business, to smaller “placements” in existing brochures. Best of all, you can target these mail advertisements to commercial office properties, which should prove helpful in attracting new leads. Contact your local post office to learn more about the different direct mailing opportunities they offer. If you do this consistently, you should expect to hear from some of the recipients that are planning an office relocation project.

    Research Companies Online

    Sometimes the best tool for acquiring new commercial moving leads is Google. Get online and search for commercial businesses in your area, checking to see if they've published any press releases or news articles recently which indicate they are looking to move. Some companies, particularly larger ones, will announce their move several months in advance. So by looking online, you can often find these companies before they've hired a moving company.

    Cold Calling

    Cold calling can also be used to generate new commercial moving leads. Just pick up the phone book and start calling businesses around your area. Even if you don't personally have the time to call them, you can always outsource the initial calling. There are literally hundreds of call centers that will gladly perform this task on your behalf, Sales Leads is one of them.

    Keep Up With Commercial Real Estate News

    Keep tabs on local commercial real estate news in the area serviced by your business. New listings may appear for office building for lease, which could indicate the current business may be in need of relocation services. You can even go one step further by partnering with a local real estate agent or firm, using their expertise to identify commercial businesses and offices that are looking to move in the near future.

    Buy Office Relocation and Construction Leads

    One of the fastest ways to find new leads is to subscribe to an office relocation lead generation program. Typically the way these services work, is you pay a monthly subscirption fee, and they send you new office relocation projects that are coming up in your target market. Some companies will even call the leads to qualfiy them specifically for your business and set up an appintment. Using a office project leads will save you hours of researching and cold calling because the prospects will be delivered right to you each month, and you will know you are making a call to a company that will have a need for your relcation services. 

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