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    Email remains a time-tested, effective platform on which office relocation service providers can promote their business. Assuming you've collected a list of prospective office relocation leads and their email addresses, you can send them messages in an effort to keep top of mind awareness and ultimately convince them to use your services. 

    Collect 'Opt-in' Email Addresses

    The allure of acquiring 100,000 or more email addresses for $50 bucks may sound enticing, but these lists are virtually worthless in terms of marketing potential. If you want to generate a strong response among office relocation prospects, harvest your own email addresses using an opt-in form. As the name suggests, an “opt-in” form means the user enters his or her email address to subscribe to the newsletter. Being that they express interest in the newsletter, they are more likely to convert into paying office relocation clients.

    Send a Non-Commercial Introductory Email

    Rather than sending your leads a commercial email immediately after they subscribe, try sending them a personal, non-commercial email. In this email, you can introduce yourself, explaining a little bit about yourself and your company. The key thing to remember is that you want to avoid making introductory emails salesly. You can always follow up with marketing emails to promote your office relocation services, but the initial introduction email should be personal.

    Less is More!

    If you're going to use email marketing to attract new office relocation clients, do so sparingly. According to a study conducted by MailChimp, 69% of email users will click the unsubscribe button in a commercial email if the company or organization sends too many of them. When subscribers notice their inbox flooded with messages from a particular company, they may choose to unsubscribe or mark the emails as spam, neither of which is good for business.

    Get Personal

    We've talked about this before on our blog, but it's worth mentioning again that personal emails are far more effective than generic marketing emails. Creating personalized emails is actually a lot easier than it sounds. As long as you have subscribers' names, you can usually set up “tokens” to automatically include the recipient's name in your emails.

    Create a Sense of Urgency

    You can boost your open rates by as much as 50% by creating a sense of urgency. For instance, you can offer customers 20% off their office relocation if they book the service within the next 7 days. More subscribers will open these emails seeing that there's a special promotion attached. And when more prospects see your emails, you'll reap the benefits of more office relocation contracts.

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