• Posted On Thursday, July 14, 2016 by Robert Smith

    The advent of the Internet has opened up the doors to a whole new world of marketing and advertising opportunities. Companies can now engage with their target audience on social media, participate in community discussions on various forums, and build a website to create greater brand recognition. But even with these new methods of promotion, there are certain offline techniques that remain effective. So, which offline advertising techniques can help your company generate B2B sales leads?

    Cold Calling 

    Cold calling is an effective offline marketing that involves contacting prospective customers with whom you have no prior correspondence. This doesn't mean that you should pick up the phone and begin dialing random numbers, however. One of the most impactful, yet overlooked elements of cold calling, is your prospect list. The more targeted your list, the better results you are going to have. Rather than downloading lists based on SIC code, geography, or company size; consider a custom lead generation solution. With a custom solution that is designed for your business, you can target key firmograhpic and demographic data points, company insights, and specific decision makers. Click here to learn more

    Warm Calling

    In addition to cold calling, you should also perform warm calling to generate B2B sales leads. Warm calling involves calling a prospect with whom you have spoken to in the past. So you may initially cold call a prospect, but if he or she is not interested at that time, schedule another call for 2-3 months in the future. You should have the advantage of brand recognition, as well as the intell from your previous interactions.  Warm calling typically yields a higher conversion rate for sales people.

    Trade Shows 

    When was the last time that you attended a trade show? If you're a salesperson, you should make attendance a priority. Trade shows offer the perfect opportunity for salespersons to reach new customers. After all, the primary purpose of most trade shows is networking.

    Direct Mail

    Of course, you can always use direct mail to promote business. Tens of thousands of businesses rely heavily on direct mail advertising to reach both new and existing customers – and it's surprisingly easy. Just contact your local USPS, choose ad advertising package, choose your preferred market, and submit your creative. You can learn more about the different advertising solutions offered by the USPS by visiting their website here.

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