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    Special Lite Products is a leading manufacturer of custom aluminum street signage and commercial lighting. Selling through a nationwide network of distributors, their products help to increase property values and aesthetic appeal through the beautification of the site amenities in new residential and mixed-use developments, municipalities, college campuses and communities.

    Industry: Manufacturing

    Year Established: 1967

    Number of Employees: 75

    Headquarters: Loyalhanna, PA

    "With SalesLeads, we fixed our broken inside sales and lead generation processes within 1 month. Their customized solution has saved us tens of thousands of dollars."

            - Scott Siegle, Director of Sales Operations, Special Lite Products


    The Special Lite inside sales team is one of the advantages of the company. Their ability to thoroughly manage a project for their customers keeps them coming back for years. However, this was also putting a strain on their time as well: which was coming at the expense of prospecting and new business development.

    Essentially, their inside sales team was so busy working with current clients that the volume of prospecting calls were dramatically decreasing.

    In addition, because Special Lite sells into a niche market and relevant lists and prospect data is difficult to come by; a significant portion of the team’s time was spent finding prospects that fit their target criteria.

    Management had to decide whether to grow the headcount of inside sales team; or find a way to drive efficiencies with their current team.

    How SalesLeads Helped:

    After gaining a clear understanding of Special Lite Products’ situation, SalesLeads suggested building a custom lead generation, coupled with a significantly overhauled email marketing campaign strategy.

    SalesLeads worked with Special Lite Products to identify who their ideal prospects are and specifically, what characteristics define them. SalesLeads then developed a customized research process to find more leads that fit their target criteria. SalesLeads leveraged firmographic data, demographic data and event-based insights to find prospects that were tailored specifically Special Lite Products’ needs. In addition to the standard company contact information, they also included insights like precision-targeted contacts with email addresses, new management transitions, past projects completed, and current product mix.

    Providing customized prospecting data eliminated the need for their inside sales team to research leads to call on.

    “We managed to cut the time spent on research and generating our own leads from the equivalent of 2 full time employees, to just 2 hours per day.”

                - Mike Tarasuk, Marketing Coord., Special Lite Products


    SalesLeads also recognized that Special Lite Products’ email marketing strategy was antiquated and was producing few leads than previous years. The solution was to help develop a multi-channel marketing campaign. This combined the precision-targeted leads, with their internal telemarketing efforts, along with a revamped email marketing strategy. This multi-channel approach decreased the average number of touches per prospect required by the inside sales team before a lead could be considered “sales qualified”. Essentially, the new email marketing strategy helped to free up available selling time for each rep, which had been executed via telemarketing in the past.

    Results By The Numbers:

    • Increased available selling time by 15 hours per rep per week
    • Improved contact-to-conversation ratio by %400
    • 150% increase in dial-to-contact ratio
    • Added 1750 new precision-targeted contacts into email marketing database each month

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