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    Lead generation is your companies lifeblood. However, many organizations struggle with feedling new, sales qualified leads to their sales and marketing teams. According to a recent survey by B2B Magazine, nearly 60% of B2B sales and marketing leaders consider generating more leads as their biggest challange. Here a few tips to improve your results.

    Focusing Strictly on Cold Calls

    There's nothing wrong with using cold calls to reach out to prospective customers. However, it shouldn't be your only form of marketing. If it is, you'll face an uphill battle trying to convince prospects to buy your products or service. Use cold calling in combination with other marketing tactics to improve conversions and generate more sales.

    Focusing Strictly on Warm Calls

    Consequently, you shouldn't focus your marketing efforts strictly on warm calls, either. Cold calls are still an effective way to make that much-needed initial correspondence with a prospect. After you've made this correspondence, you can then schedule a follow-up call to help nurture him or her through the sales process. Consider using a combiantion of email marketing and planned phone calls to nurture your leads. 

    Talking to a Company Instead of a Person

    When talking to prospective customers, remember that you are talking to a person and not a company. Many salespeople make the mistake of talking to prospects as if they were a company. With business-to-business (B2B) sales, it's easy to make this mistake. And unfortunately, it can come back to haunt you, as prospects are less likely to buy your services. By personalizing your approach and addressing the prospect by name, however, you'll experience a higher conversion rate with your sales efforts.

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    Talking About the Features of Your Services

    As with most sales, the golden rule is to understand the pain and thus explain the benefits it offers customers, not the features. Once you understand their problem, then you can start to explain how to solve it.  This is far more valuable to a prospect than knowing how many workers and trucks you have.

    Assuming that Price is Everything

    Not every B2B lead is concerned about price. Sure, it's one of the many elements that influence a prospect's decision to buy but it's certainly not the only element. Prospects are often more concerned about time guarantees and the safe delivery of their products and equipment.

    Not Knowing Your Service

    Of course, you can't expect to a prospective customer unless your fully know and understand your products or services yourself. This is where many B2B companies fail. The salesperson (or people) lack the first-hand experience of the service they are selling, so they are unable to accurately convey it to prospective customers. Learn and familiarize yourself with your commercial moving service before attempting to sell it. Putting yourself in the target prospect's shoes can really go a long way  in driving B2B lead generation. 

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