• Posted On Friday, July 08, 2016 by Robert Smith

    Convincing a prospect to buy your industrial service and/or equipment over the phone isn't always easy. In fact, many prospects ignore such sales calls altogether, making your job that much harder. But there are ways to promote a better response and generate more sales leads with your calls.

    Use a Friendly, Energetic Tone 

    It's not just the words you speak that impact a prospect's decision to buy your services over the phone; it's also your tone. Using a deep, shallow tone may discourage prospects from buying your services. On the other hand, using an energetic, uplifting tone has the opposite effect. If you aren't sure of what tone you are currently using, record yourself during a typical sales call and play it back privately at a later down. Now ask yourself: would you trust this salesperson if you were on the opposite end of the line?

    Wait Before Calling...

    There are a few things you should do before calling a prospect, including obtaining the prospect's name and the company for whom he or she works. With this information in hand, you can customize your approach for a more personal interaction. And it should go without saying that personalized sales calls are more likely to convert a prospect into a paying customer.


    Use Hand Gestures

    What's the purpose of using hand gestures when there's no one around to see it? Just because the prospect cannot see you use your hands doesn't necessarily mean that it has no effect on his or her decision-making. On the contrary, using hand gestures during sales calls allows salespersons to convey a higher level of energy in their voice. And when there's more energy in your voice, you'll have an easier time scoring sales.

    Use Plenty of Descriptive Adjectives

    Prospect cannot see the equipment or services that you talk about during a sales call, which is why it's important to plenty of highly descriptive adjectives. As a salespersons, it's your job to present an accurate and appealing image of your company's respective equipment or services – a task that's made easy when using the right adjectives.

    Eliminate Background Noise

    If possible, eliminate all background noise from your sales calls. While it may seem harmless enough, things like a TV playing or coworkers chatting in the background can distract prospects. Furthermore, it presents your company in an unprofessional manner. The only thing a prospect should hear during your calls is your voice, so make sure there's no background noise present.

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