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    Facebook isn't the only social media network that can drive B2B lead generation. While it boasts the largest user base, salespersons shouldn't overlook Twitter. The 140-characters-or-less social media network is an excellent for generating more sales leads. Just check out the following tips.

    Complete Your Twitter Bio

    Twitter, like most social media networks, allows users to describe themselves in a short bio. This feature is technically optional, but it's still a good idea to complete your bio. Prospects are more likely to reach out to your company to inquire about its products and/or services if you have a complete bio. So after creating your Twitter account, upload a profile photo and add a bio (note: bios are limited to 160 characters).

    Use Hashtags

    When creating tweets, try to get into the habit of including between 1 and 3 relevant hashtags. Hashtags are single words or multiple words without spaces prefixed with the # symbol. Originally pioneered by Twitter, they are used extensively throughout many social media networks to help users find specific content. For example, If you post an image of a new excavator offered by your company, for instance, you may want to include hashtags like #excavator or #industrialequipment. Anyone searching for these keywords may stumble upon your tweet, increasing its exposure while possibly driving new sales in the process.

    Share Links

    Studies have shown that images yield a greater response on Twitter than any other type of content. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you should only tweet images. Instead, diversify your content with images, text and links. Links are particularly effective for B2B sales because they are relevant to your audience. If you come across an article that's relevant to prospects, tweet the link from your Twitter account.

    Send Tweets Directly to Prospects

    If you know the Twitter username of a prospect, try sending a tweet directly to him or her. This is done by using the @mention function: simply write the tweet like you normally would, but include the prospect's username prefixed with the @ symbol. When the prospect checks his or her Twitter account, your tweet will display.

    Schedule Tweets in Advance

    Did you know that you can schedule tweets to post at a later date/time? This feature is disabled by default, but there are two ways to turn it on: you can either create an advertiser account, or use a third-party tool like HootSuite. Once enabled, you can schedule tweets to attract new industrial construction clients while building a strong following in the process.

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