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    Commercial moving companies need a constant flow of qualified, well-targeted leads to compete in this highly competitive industry. Without consistant, well executed lead generation strategy, you'll have a difficult time to keeping your 1-3-6 month pipeline filled. Sure, you can cold call random businesses to see if they need your commercial moving services, but a smarter approach is to focus your marketing efforts on qualified leads. So, how do you find qualified prospects for a commercial moving company?

    Scour the News

    Look both in print and online for news about companies planning to move in the near future. When a company prepares to move, it will likely make an announcement. This is particularly true for large companies, which are the bread and butter for many commercial moving companies. By keeping a close eye on the news, you'll be able to identify these companies before your competitors, turning highly qualified prospects into paying customers for your business. Don't have time to research? Sales Leads can do it for you, by sending you office moving leads every week. 

    Targeted Online Advertising

    There are several powerful online advertising platforms that can yield targeted leads for commercial moving businesses. Google Adwords, for instance, allows business owners to create ads that are triggered only when someone searches for their keywords. As a commercial moving business, you can target keywords like “office moving company,” “office moving services,” “business moving service,” etc. Even if you are unfamiliar with the world of online advertising, you can always outsource the task to a professional agency.

    Another advertising opportunity is sponsored posts on LinkedIn. This can be a great tool for exposing your brand to your desired targets. 

    Drive Around

    Sometimes the best way to harvest moving leads is to get your in your car and drive around, looking for signs that say “the new home of company XZY.” You can then contact this company, asking to see if they need your moving services. If a company is obviously planning move, there's a good chance that it will need a moving company such as yours.

    Inbound Marketing

    What is inbound marketing and how it can attract more customers to your commercial moving business? Inbound marketing refers to creating high-quality, relevant content that indirectly promotes your business. Instead of directly pitching your moving services, for instance, you publish content that's relevant to your audience – businesses who are planning to move – in hopes that they'll reach out to you.

    These are just a few lead prospecting tips for commercial moving companies. Of course, you can always buy a list of prospective leads to facilitate the process. Doing so will allow you to focus your time and efforts on other aspects of your business.

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