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    Are you struggling to convince prospects to buy your industrial construction equipment and/or services? Business-to-business (B2B) sales isn't always easy. On the contrary, it often takes more work and time than traditional business-to-consumer (B2C) sales. But with the right approach, you can successfully attract more clients and generate more leads. Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to optimize your sales efforts for more industrial construction clients.

    Use Outbound and Inbound Marketing

    Rather than focusing your efforts on either outbound or inbound marketing techniques, why not use them both? Outbound marketing refers to traditional methods of advertising in which a business or company directly promotes its products or services. On the other hand, inbound marketing refers to indirect marketing practices in which a business or company entices prospects to seek out more information. Creating an effective strategy that utilizes both inbound and outbound efforts can have a significant impact on qualified  lead generation and top line growth trends. 

    Get Accredited

    When a prospect is choosing an industrial construction to hire, he or she will probably look for accolades and accreditation. If your company lacks these signals, the prospect may choose to do business with one of your competitors – and that's never a good thing. So if you haven't done so already, seek accreditation from organizations like Salmon Safe Accreditation, Construction Project Awards, or ABC's Accredited Quality Contractors. A little accreditation goes a long ways in establishing trust and confidence in prospective clients.

    Advertise on Social Media

    It's estimated that 3 out 4 adults use social media in the United States. With statistics such as this, there's really no reason why an industrial construction company shouldn't have an active presence on Facebook and Twitter. Social media offers a simple and effective way for industrial construction companies to acquire new clients. And when compared to traditional forms of advertising, it's incredibly cost-effective, requiring little-to-no monetary investment.

    Follow Up

    Just because a prospect rejects your initial offer doesn't mean he or she is a lost sale. Some prospects want time to think it over, so schedule a follow-up consultation to see if you turn those “maybes” into a “yes.”

    Offer Multiple Methods of Contact

    The more methods of contact you offer prospective clients, the more sales you'll generate. It's just that simple. Not every prospect will use email to contact an industrial construction company. Consequently, not every prospect will use the phone. To ensure prospects can reach you, offer multiple methods of contact via email, fax, landline, cell phone, etc.

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