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    So, you've added a new product to your company's line of industrial equipment and now you're faced with the task of promoting it. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that you won't be generating many new sales leads unless people know about your product. But spreading the word about a new industrial product isn't always easy, especially with such a narrow and limited target demographic. So, how can you inform prospective customers about your new product?

    Write a Press Release

    Press releases are the perfect platform on which to announce and promote a new industrial product. It can be as simple as writing an article announcing your new product, explaining how it works and why it's the “best.” After writing this article, connect with a press release distribution service like Prweb and they'll distribute it to dozens or even hundreds of websites and news outlets. As long as your press release is well-written and relevant to your target audience, it should yield a positive response while helping to promote your new product in the process.


    Social Media Announcement

    In addition to using a press release, you can also spread the word about a new industrial product on social media. Before launching or otherwise offering a new product, let your social media followers know about it. You can post a brief description of the product alongside a “days until release.” This builds anticipation for the product, getting users interested and engaged.

    Don't focus strictly on Facebook, but also announce your new industrial product on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram for maximum results. The more social media networks on which you announce it, the more users it will reach.

    Website Announcement

    Assuming your company has a website (and it should), you can always promote your new product here. Create a webpage or blog post that's dedicated to the new product, explaining how the product can benefit your audience – remember, explain the benefits of your product instead of the features.

    If you really want to create anticipation for your product, you can code a countdown timer on your website that ticks down until the product is released. Although simple and easy to implement, it triggers a visceral reaction in users that makes them want the product.

    These are just a few easy ways to promote a new industrial product. Of course, salespersons should also include traditional forms of advertising and marketing, such as cold calls, “hot” calls, email, direct mail, search engine ads, etc.

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