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    RSS Feed Reader

    Why do you need a RSS feed reader and how it can help your business generate more leads? RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. Most blogs and some websites syndicate their content via RSS, meaning you can “pull” content, curating it into a single, easy-to-read platform. For example if you are in the commerical moving business, instead of visiting each and every online news site related to commercial real estate, for instance, you can place their RSS feeds into a convenient reader. Feedly is one of the leading RSS readers, offering a simple and effective way to access RSS feeds.


    Yes, LinkedIn is another must-have tool for sales people and business owners. While it lacks the user base of Facebook, LinkedIn is the leading social media network for professionals. Using LinkedIn, you can network with other like-minded professionals while also reaching out to prospective customers who need your service. If you use one of the upgraded versions, you are able to search for specifc contact titles or companies. If used correctly, LinkedIn is a powerful lead generation tool. 

    Email Tracking App

    Assuming email is part of your overall marketing strategy (and it should be), you should download and use an email tracking app like Boomerang. These apps tare designed to track your individual emails from the moment you send them to the moment they are opened. Among other things, it will reveal whether or not and when your sales leads opened your emails are opened and when they are opened. You can also use an email tracking app to schedule your marketing emails to send at later dates and times. 

    Electronic Signature Apps

    One of the lesser-known tools for salespersons is an electronic signature tool. There's no denying the fact that more and more companies are switching to digital mediums for conducting transactions instead of paper. An electronic signature apps eliminate the need for printing, writing and scanning tangible documents. Here's an article that explains eSignatures in greater detail.

    Call Forwarding

    Of course, you should set up a call forwarding feature to forward calls to your business's land line to your cellphone. When you leave the office and no one is there to answer calls, you'll want to keep the lines of communication open for prospective customers. By using a call forwarding feature, you can connect with more prospects while generating more sales in the process.


    Can't seem to remember all your appointments and scheduled meetings? Instead of using sticky notes, try downloading and using the Evernote app. Available for both Android and Apple iOS devices, it's a highly useful productivity and reminder app.

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