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    Looking for ways to grow and expand your industrial equipment business? Sure you are! Growth is the defining characteristic of all successful businesses, and industrial equipment sales are no exceptions. Even if you are currently profitable, chances are there's room for improvement and expansion. But how exactly do you accomplish this growth while minimizing your risk?

    Identify New Markets

    There's nothing wrong with dominating a particular market, but you should look into expanding your business in other regions and territories. If you currently only sell industrial equipment to a particular city and/or surrounding area, gather demographic data on other nearby areas. Assuming the demographics are similar, you should be able to expand to your operations with relative ease, allowing you to attract more customers. Sales Leads' industrial project reports are a great tool to quickly ramp up a new territory. 

    Seek Affiliate

    Industrial equipment companies can also grow their business by partnering with affiliates. Basically, an affiliate is an official partner who's been given the authority to sell your product on your behalf. He or she typically earns a commission on every sale made. You benefit from the free marketing and advertising, and hopefully sales, while the affiliate benefits from the revenue earned via commissions. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

    Online Presence

    How many leads does your website generate for you each month? If you're not working to improve your digital marketing, you're missing out one of the most effective ways to grow your business. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, you can reach millions of people from across the world by advertising online. And you don't have to necessarily sell your products directly online, rather set up advertisements pointing prospects to your website. 

    Add New Equipment to Your Lineup

    Of course, you can always grow your business by adding new equipment to your lineup. Keep up with the latest trends in industrial equipment by attending trade shows and reading industry magazines. Using this information, you can add some of the popular new types of industrial equipment to your product lineup.

    Offer Equipment Service Plans 

    Don't focus your sales efforts strictly on industrial equipment, rather branch out into a combination of equipment and service plans for the equipment. Selling service plans means you can generate multiple sales off a single customer, whereas focusing strictly on equipment will likely yield a single sale per customer. Create multiple service plans for each equipment, using them to “upsell” your customers.

    Plans & Pricing

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