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    The net profits earned from an industrial construction sale will depend largely on the total size of the project. While there are always exceptions to this rule, you'll typically earn more profits from selling a high-dollar industrial construction job as opposed to an small project. But how exactly do you score these high-dollar jobs in such a competitive landscape?

    Target the Right Areas

    Location can make or break an industrial business. Targeting areas in which few-to-no companies that are looking to expand or build new industrial facilities isn't exactly a smart business strategy You may general some sales, but they'll pale in comparison to targeting the “right” areas. Focus your efforts on regions where there's substantial interest among companies to develop.


    Rather than selling an industrial construction job at a flat price, try upselling the client with add-ons. In addition to land clearing and site preparation, for instance, perhaps you can sell or lease equipment to the client. These add-ons will add up, turning an otherwise small construction job into a lucrative and rewarding business contract.

    Reinforce the Value

    One of the biggest mistakes salespersons make when pitching their product or service is not explaining the value of it to the prospect. If the prospect does not believe that your industrial construction service is worth the investment, it's doubtful that he or she will buy it. So when pitching your service, explain how exactly your service can benefit him or her. Perhaps it will save them time and energy, or maybe your service can finish the job sooner than your competitors. Regardless, you need to reinforce the value of your industrial construction service in order to convince the prospect to buy.

    Cutting-Edge Equipment and Services

    Because industrial construction is such as competitive market, you really need some type of leverage to score high-dollar contracts. This can be accomplished by using cutting-edge equipment and services, which can be used a key selling point when promoting your business to prospective clients.

    Pitch Your Services to More Prospects 

    Of course, you'll have an easier time scoring high-dollar industrial construction jobs if you pitch your service to more prospects. Sales is a numbers game, meaning the more prospects to whom you pitch, the more leads you'll generate. It's just that simple. So, don't just focus on a small list of prospective clients, rather spread the word about your construction services to as many prospects as possible. Targeting is also a key. Download a sample of our industrial project leads to see if we can help you with lead generation.

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