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    Finding a company to hire you for their industrial construction project isn't easy. Corporate executives and managers are often busy conducting their own work, meaning your calls may go unanswered. The first step towards success, however, is familiarizing yourself with the nuances of B2B industrial sales, as well as the myths and misconceptions surrounding this industry.

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    Myth: B2B Sales is the Same as B2C Sales

    Contrary to what some people may believe, B2B sales is not the same as business-to-consumer (B2C) sales. Corporate executives are more reluctant to purchase the services and/or equipment from a salesperson than a consumer. Because of this, it's essential that salespersons nurture their prospects through email, phone calls, and other methods of correspondence. Nurturing your prospects will “warm” them up to increase the chances of a future sale.

    Myth: Price is the Only Factor

    While price plays an important role in determining whether or not a prospect will purchase your industrial construction services, it's not the only deciding factor. Companies will often pay a premium for exceptional service, so don't assume that lowering your price will yield more sales. You can make your services more appealing by stressing its benefits to prospects, such as a fast turnaround, guaranteed project completion, implementation of preferred equipment, etc.

    Myth: You Can Only Sell One Service or Product at a Time

    If you are only trying to sell a single service or product at a time, you are leaving tons of potential up for grabs. Industrial salespersons should be trained to cross-promote with a variety of products and/or services. When a prospect expresses interest in the construction of a new facility, for instance, see if he or she would like to add forklifts to their order. Cross-promotion is an excellent way to boost sales while improving client satisfaction.

    Myth: Automated Proposals will Save Time and Resources

    There are certain tasks associated with industrial construction sales that should be automated, such as the creation of regular data backups. However, proposals are best performed manually by an actual human worker. The problem with using automated proposals is that they lack the personal feel of a proposal that has been created by a human salesperson. Manually creating your sales proposals will allow you to personalize them based on the prospect's needs, which should prove helpful in generating a stronger response.

    These are just a few common myths surround B2B industrial construction sales. 

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