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    To say there are a lot of moving companies operating in the United States would be an understatement. Just Googling the keyword “US moving company” yields more than 19 million results. Granted, that doesn't necessarily mean that there are 19 million moving companies, but there's no denying the fact that it's a highly competitive industry. The good news is that commercial moving companies can generate more sales leads by offering various “niche” services.

    Generating more moving leads is tough, and can be very expensive; so if you already have the relationship with the customer, it makes sense to try and add as much revenue as possible. 


    Data Centers

    Many businesses, particularly those in the Information Technology (IT) industry, have their own data centers on site. Commercial moving companies can boost their sales by offering to move these centers. Some businesses will actually hire two separate companies to relocate their operations: one moving company for the furniture and office equipment, and another company for the data center. You already have most of the equipment needs, so adding this service will help drive more revenue.

    Medical Equipment

    In addition to data centers, commercial moving companies can also offer to move medical equipment. Of course, medical equipment adds a new barrier of difficulty to the process. Aside from being expensive, it's often large, heavy, awkwardly shaped, and delicate. Therefore, moving companies must use extreme caution to protect against damage while the equipment is in transit.

    Machinery Moving

    Equally as cumbersome as medical equipment to move is heavy machinery such as hydraulic presses, conveyors, etc. There's a great deal of technical difficulty associated with moving heavy machinery. Depending on the particular type of machinery, it might need to be dissembled (partially or fully) before it can be moved. This is much a more more difficult undertaking, and there is a whole sub-industry that is specific to plant relocations. However, it is possible that you could partner with an equipment moving company and bundle their scope in with your portion of the project. You client might prefer to consolidate vendors anyways. 


    Commercial moving companies can also offer trash disposal as a niche service. If a business has a significant amount of trash or waste on site, it may outsource the task of disposal to a third-party entity in an effort to save time and resources.

    These are just a few of the many niche services that commercial moving companies can offer to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction. You should brainstorm other niche services that would be of interest to your target audience.



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