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    There are dozens of different ways to promote your product or service to prospective B2B clients, including both inbound and outbound lead generation techniques. However, the single most cost-effective marketing platform is email. Once you've acquired the email addresses of prospective customers, you can nurture them through the sales funnel with email. And furthermore, you can generate multiple sales off a single prospect, attesting to the power of email marketing.

    Unfortunately, though, there's no guarantee that your marketing emails will reach the intended recipients. Some of them may get flagged as spam, even if they aren't spam, while others may fail to deliver because of an incorrect address. So, how just how many emails fail to reach the intended recipient? While the exact number remains unknown, a study conducted by Return Path suggests that roughly 20% of all emails go undelivered. In other words, you can expect roughly 1 out of every 5 emails you send to not reach the intended the recipient.

    While obtaining a 100% delivery rate can be next-to-impossible, especially when sending large volumes of emails, there are some steps that marketers can take to improve their delivery rates.

    Here are some tips to improve the delivery rates of your industrial marketing emails:

    • Clean up your email list. One of the most common reasons why emails fail to reach the intended recipient is because the sender is using an old list of addresses. So if it's been a while since you've cleaned up your list of email addresses, take a few minutes to go through them, deleting any inactive and incorrect addresses. Not sure where to start with cleasing your existing database? Sales Leads can help with you data enhancement and cleansing service. 
    • Use a double opt-in form. What in the world is a double opt-in form and why should you use it? Basically, a double opt-in form if an email signup form that requires two steps instead of just once (hence the name double opt-in). The user must enter his or her email address, and then click a “confirm” link in an initial introductory email.
    • Run your marketing emails through a spam filter. This tip is pretty self-explanatory. Running your marketing emails through a spam filter before sending them will allow you to identify problems that could otherwise result in your messages being flagged as spam, which will subsequently result in failed delivery.
    • Use a branded 'from' name. When creating your marketing emails, it's recommended that you use your brand as the 'from' name. This instills greater trust and confidence; thus, increasing delivery rates in the process.


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