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    Does your business sell an industrial construction service and/or equipment? If so, you should focus your efforts on buying loyal customers to boost sales while reducing customer acquisition costs in the process. 

    It's estimated that the cost of acquiring a new customer is 4-10x greater than retaining an existing customer. By building loyalty among your target audience, you'll naturally encourage them to stay with your business instead of choosing a competitor's. But how exactly do you create loyal customers in the industrial sales business?

    Offer Exceptional Customer Service

    One simple yet effective way to build loyalty is to offer exceptional customer service. By going above and beyond customers' expectations, you'll leave a lasting and positive impression that encourages them to make future purchases.

    Send Handwritten Notes

    In today's high-tech day and age, many business owners overlook the importance of sending handwritten notes, assuming they are obsolete and not worth the time. But sending customers a handwritten notes add a personal touch while showing them that you care. Furthermore, it can help build loyalty – all for the minimal amount of time and energy invested in writing the notes.

    Share Helpful Information

    Don't focus all of your customer correspondences around commercialized messages and promotional material. While there's noting wrong with pitching your industrial product or service to a customer, you can forge stronger relationships with customers by sending them non-commercialized information on occasion. If you come across a trade magazine or article that would be useful for the customer, send it his or her way. The customer will appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to help them.

    Loyalty Rewards

    Of course, another idea is to offer some type of loyalty rewards program to encourage customers to purchase your industrial products or services instead of your competitor's. Grocery stores, retail stores, pharmacies, and many other businesses use this strategy, so why aren't you? You could give customers 1 point, for instance, for every $100 they spend. Using these points, they can redeem for free products, services or other promotional discounts.

    Follow Up

    Follow-up calls are essential for building stronger customer loyalty. But when you tell a customer that you'll call him or her back, give a precise date and time – and don't miss the call! Some salespersons tell their customers “I'll call back later next week,” only to never be seen or heard from again. Generating new sales leads is expensive, so maximizing your opportunities will have a major impact on the bottom line!

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