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    As a salesperson for office relocation services, you'll want to reach out to as many prospects as possible. The more prospects with whom you make contact, the more qualified leads you'll generate. Rather than doing all of the talking during your cold calls, however, you should sit ask them questions to gain a better perspective on their needs. No two office relocation project shave the exact same needs, which his why it's important to size them up during your cold calls. Here's a short list of some of the essential questions you should ask office relocation prospects.

    What Date are You Looking to Move by? 

    This question is self-explanatory. You need to determine when the prospect is looking to move by. Being that this is a commercial service tailored towards commercial businesses, most customers have strict needs regarding their move-by date. Failure to deliver your service within this time frame could result in the prospect choosing a different office relocation service provider.

    Where are You Located and Where are You Moving to?

    This is another essential question that an commercial relocation salesperson should ask a sales lead. If your business only services a particular area, and the prospect is located outside of this area, you'll need to move on to a different prospect, or partner with a company that can help execute the project. Find out where the prospect's office is currently located and where they are looking to move to. This information will also prove useful in quoting a price for the prospect's service.

    Do You Have IT Equipment?

    Of course, you should also check to see what, if any, IT equipment the prospect has. Moving half a dozen computers shouldn't be a problem. But if the prospect has a data center consisting of servers, routers, and hundreds of yards worth of Ethernet cables, it could prove challenging, in which case you'll need to better prepare for the move.

    These are just a few essential questions that you should ask prospects when pitching your office relocation services. Far too many salespersons assume that it's best to do all of the talking during their cold calls, when in reality this often backfires by creating a disconnect between them and the prospect. So, balance your cold call times by allowing the prospect to do some of the talking. Besides, asking these questions will allow you to provide the prospect with a better service.

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