• Posted On Thursday, May 05, 2016 by Robert Smith


    We've all heard it before: a picture is worth a thousand words. A single image can convey an entire story, eliminating the need for long text. But pictures can also be used as a lead generation tool. To learn more about the power of imagery and how to incorporate it into your sales process, keep reading.

    Articles with Images Receive 94% More Views

    According to an infographic published by MDGadvertising, web-based articles with images receive 94% more views that articles without images. That alone should be reason enough to embrace the power of imagery. The human brain is hard-wired to respond with greater activity to visual stimulation, meaning more people will read your sales articles if an image is included.

    Images are the Most Engaging Content on Facebook

    Ever wonder what the most engaging type of content is on Facebook? No, it's not videos, nor is it links. According to a study of 5,000 brand pages conducted by SocialBakers, it's images. They found photos and images to account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook.

    Images are 'Very Important' for E-Commerce

    If the above information isn't indicative of the power of imagery, here's one more fun fact that may change your mind: 67% of consumers recently said that product images are “very important” when shopping for products online.

    Tips on Using Images to Generate More Sales Leads. 

    • Steer clear of cheesy, generic-looking stock photos, opting to use real photos instead.
    • Encourage users to share your photos on social media.
    • Post photos across all of your web-based properties, including your business's official website, blog, directory listings, social media accounts, etc.
    • Take photos of industrial construction projects that are currently in the works to show prospective customers and clients.
    • Experiment with borders, drop-shadows and other effects to see how it effects views and user engagement.
    • Remember, bigger photos aren't always better. Large, high-res photos will take longer to load, which could discourage prospects from accessing them.
    • Instead of using manufacturer photos of construction equipment and products, take your own photos.

     The bottom line is that salespersons can generate more sales while reaching a larger audience by using images and photos in their marketing efforts. Hopefully, the tips outlined here will give you a better idea of how to leverage the power of images to boost sales.


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