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    B2B lead generation and prospect nurturing requires a different approach than business-to-consumer (B2C). Your prospects will expect you to understand their challanges and have unique solutions to fix them. Being that your target audience is other businesses, you'll have to adjust your approach accordingly; otherwise, you may struggle to generate new sales leads. So if you're struggling with B2B lead generation, try using the following email marketing strategies listed below.

    Use the 'More Info' Call to Action 

    If there's one element you don't want to omit from your B2B marketing emails, it's a call to action (CTA). This is essentially a button or link that tells recipients what action to take. Some B2B marketers assume a “buy now” CTA is the most effective, but a recent study suggests otherwise. According to the email marketing agency Admitter, “more info” is the most effective CTA for B2B marketing emails. This is presumably because the B2B is often comlex, and decision makers need to learn more information before making a decision to buy. Be patient, and put yourself in your prospect shoes. Think about what questions they would have in any given stage in the sales cycle... Then create your content and CTAs around providing that information.

    Split-Test Different Subject Lines 

    Even if your current B2B marketing emails are generating a positive response, chances are there's room for improvement – there's always room for improvement. So, how do you know what works and what doesn't? The answer is simple: split-test two or more variations, focusing specifically on the subject lines. You can keep the actual email content the same, but create multiple variations in which the subject lines are different. After allowing the variations to run, analyze your metrics to see which subject line yielded the most clicks and conversions.

    Add Personality to Your B2B Emails

    Sure, using software or a program to automatically create and send emails will probably save you time (and energy). But just because it's easier doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best solution. Opting for programs or software to create and send your emails results in a lack of personality, in which case the recipient may disregard your message. To overcome this problem, always add personality to your B2B emails, such as addressing the recipient by his or her name, or referencing a recent article you read about their company. 

    Personalization can go a long way in improving your ability to convert more B2B sales leads.

    Keep 'Em Short

    Sometimes more isn't better, such as the case of B2B email marketing. Business owners and managers are often busy running their own businesses, so they don't have the luxury of reading through long, drawn-out emails. If your emails are too long, there's a good chance they'll go unread by the recipient. Therefore, you must balance a fine line by creating your emails with enough sustenance to make them interesting, yet keeping them short enough to engage your target audience. 


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