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    Whether your company sells a product, service or both, your team needs high-quality B2B leads to succeed. There are dozens of options for generic sales data, and list services in the market today; but your team will get bogged down with false records, and poor targeting. Instead, you'll need to source data on accurate and precision targeted prospects that you can nurture into new clients. Customized lead generation can help by connecting you with the right prospects, and here's how.

    What is Customized Lead Generation? 

    Customized lead generation is exactly what it sounds like: highly customized leads based specifically on your business's needs. Any prospect could technically be considered a “lead.”. However, if your company sells enterprise level cloud security  solutions, however, a facilities manager shouldn't be considered a highly qualified prospect; thus, it's not going to offer much benefit. By leveraging the power of customized lead generation, however, you can target prospects who fit your target prospect personas, and are more likely to buy your products, such as an VP of IT Security, or IT Systems Operations Mgr. 

    Improve Productivity and Efficiency

    Not surprisingly, using customized lead generation will improve both productivity and efficiency. Targeting low-quality sales leads isn't exactly the best way to drive new revenue growth. Again, there's always the possibility that you'll get lucky, but it's shaky at best. A better approach is to target highly qualified leads who are likely interested in your company's product or service based on firmographic and demographic data.

    More Sales and Conversions

    Of course, embracing customized lead generation yields more sales and conversions. After all, the fundamental principle behind custom data is that the prospects are highly qualified. And when prospects are more qualified, you'll have an easier time selling them your product or service. It's just that simple.

    Here are some tips for acquiring custom leads:

    • For B2B leads, engage with your target audience on LinkedIn, the world's leading social media network for business owners and professionals.
    • Use email to engage with prospects and harvest high-quality B2B leads.
    • Don't forget to segment your leads based on various criteria like title, market, new vs returning customer, budget, etc. Once segmented, you can target these audiences using different approaches.

     The bottom line is that customized lead generation is well worth the time and effort. It allows companies to improve their productivity and efficiency, while generating more sales in the process.

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