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    People are often hesitant to share their information on the internet. Maybe they don't trust the vendor, or perhaps they privacy concerns. Regardless, sales and marketing professionals must ease prospects' worries when trying to convert new B2B sales leads through their website. Here are five easy ways to boost your company's conversion rates.

    Install Google Analytics

    If you haven't done so already, go ahead and install Google Analytics on your website. This free-to-use tool allows business owners and webmasters to track key performance indicators (KPIs) like unique visits, number of returning visits, bounce rate, exit rate, searched keywords and more. With this information in hand, you can optimize your website for more conversions.

    Add Trust Signals 

    You can also convert more B2B leads online by adding trust signals to your website. Basically, these are elements that instill trust and confidence in prospects. Common examples of trust signals include encryption seals, Better Business Bureau (BBB) logos, customer reviews, testimonials, and awards. Adding these to your website can convince prospects that it's safe to buy, allowing you to sell more items through your website.

    Connect Social Media Accounts 

    As any seasoned marketer already knows, social media is among the most cost-effective B2B lead generation platforms on which to acquire and convert new prospects. You should leverage the power of social media by connecting your profiles and pages to your website. Adding a Facebook like widget, for instance, allows visitors to like your brand simply by clicking the button on your website. There are widgets such as this available for all of the leading social media networks, so be sure to integrate them into your website.

    Offer Fewer Choices

    According to the folks at WordStream, offering visitors fewer choices on your website can prove beneficial in boosting conversion rates. If visitors see countless links and clickable buttons, it may deter them from what really matters: the sales call. Place an emphasis on selling and you'll reap the benefits of more sales. This is why most marketers recommend a prominent call to action somewhere above the fold.

    Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

    Does your website load and function properly when viewed on a mobile device? Statistics show that more people now access the Internet on smartphones and tablets than desktop and laptop computers. So if your website is NOT mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on a huge portion of potential sales and leads.

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