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    Set Goals

    Don't underestimate the importance of setting goals, both short-term and long-term. This serves as a road map, showing salespeople exactly how much they've accomplished, as well as how much work (sales) are needed in a given time period. Try creating a visual diagram of your company's sales goals and placing it in a visible area where salespersons can easily see it.

    Performance Incentives

    Another simple yet effective way to boost sales team productivity is to provide salespersons with a performance incentive. Of course, this is a time-tested technique used by countless companies to generate more sales. Perhaps you can reward salespersons with a free gift card or cash bonus for reaching X amount of sales in a month. Otherwise small incentives such as this can really drive salespersons to make sales.

    Automate... But Not Everything

    Automating certain tasks can also boost the productivity of your sales team. If your salespersons are forced to manually contact each and every prospect via email, this will likely consume a significant amount of time and resources. Using automated software to perform this process, however, will free up resources – resources that can be used elsewhere, such as reaching out to new prospects through other channels.

    High-Quality B2B Leads

    Not all B2B leads are worth pursuing. Salespersons who target low-quality leads will have a harder time generating sales. On the other hand, salespersons who target high-quality leads will have an easier time generating sales. It's just that simple. So, try providing your sales team with the highest quality leads possible.

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    Communicate Between Sales Reps

    Salespersons should be encouraged to communicate with one another, letting others know which prospects they've contacted and which ones they haven't. If there's little-to-no-communication between salespersons, perhaps the sale prospect will be targeted multiple times. This not only consumes valuable resources, but it may discourage the prospect from buying your product or service. An easy way to prevent this from happening, however, is to discuss with your sales team who they've already contacted and when.

    Target Existing Customers

    Several studies have shown that it's more cost-effective to sell to an existing customer than it is to a new customer. You can use this to your advantage by encouraging salespersons to pitch their products and services to existing customers. This doesn't necessarily mean you should avoid new prospects. Rather, salespersons should target them both in their sales efforts.

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