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    Not every prospect to whom you pitch your products or services will convert into a paying customer – and that's okay. Sales is a number's game, meaning the more you pitches you make, the more conversions and leads you'll generate. While it's doubtful that every sales lead will convert into a paying customer, you can greatly increases your chances of success through lead nurturing. Here are a few tips to think about when nurturing your B2B sales leads.

    Personalize Your Message

    Don't make the mistake of using the same message for every prospect. There's nothing wrong with using a universal “template,” but you should customize your approach to achieve a stronger connection. Addressing prospects by their name, for instance, will have a stronger impact than calling them “sir” or “mam.” Think of ways that you can use their company name, the solution they showed interest in, their location, etc in an automated nuturing process. Your conversation rates will sky rocket.  

    Send Your Contact Information

    This is particularly true for business-to-business (B2B) companies. If a prospect isn't interested in your products or services, he or she may attempt to contact you at a later time. Without your contact information on hand (phone number, email address, fax, etc.), the prospect may take their business elsewhere. You can prevent this from happening by sending your contact information to prospects, even if they have shown little-to-no interest in your products or services.

    Ask for Permission

    Pitching products or services to leads can be touchy, as salespeople must balance a fine line between respecting prospects' privacy and offering enough information to convince them to buy. If you constantly call or otherwise contact a prospect for commercial purposes, he or she may block your number – and conventional wisdom should tell you it's difficult to convert prospects into paying customers when they block your number. So, always ask prospects for permission to contact them.

    Listen to Prospects

    Sales isn't a one-way street, meaning you should listen to prospects so you'll know exactly what they are looking for. Some seasoned salespeople even recommend creating X minutes of silence when speaking to prospects, encouraging them to talk. Because when prospects start talking, you'll have a better understanding of what they want/need. 

    Track Your Progress

    You can't expect to optimize your sales pitch for greater conversions without having some type of tracking system in place. So, set up a tracking system to identify which prospects convert into paying customers and which ones don't. Using this information, you can optimize your pitch to yield more conversions. Assuming you use email to pitch your products or services, this is a relatively easy process that's available in most email service platforms.

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