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    Companies that sell business-to-business (B2B) services and/or products can benefit from digital marketing in several ways. Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing can offer near-instant results. So once you launch a new campaign, you can generate sales leads and quickly impact revenue. But that's just one reason why B2B companies should embrace digital marketing.

    Digital Marketing Explained

    In case this is your first time hearing about digital marketing, let me give you a brief overview of the term and its definition. Digital marketing, in the most basic sense, refers to advertising techniques that utilize digital media like video, social media, websites, email, TV commercials and radio commercials. While it's been around for decades, the advent of the Internet has led to a surge of digital marketing interest among business owners.

    Social Media

    With B2B sales, you need to focus specifically on other businesses – something that social media is particularly effective at doing. But the secret to a successful social media campaign is choosing the right platform, which in this case is LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, LinkedIn is designed specifically for professionals. Regardless of your business's industry, your target audience probably uses LinkedIn.

    Search Engine Marketing 

    Digital marketing entitles a wide range of advertising techniques and platforms. One of the most effective, however, is search engine marketing. Also referred to as “SEM,” this involves marketing your company or its products or services on the search engines. Google is believed to process some 3.5 billion searches per day, which translates into more than 1 trillion per year. By maintaining an active presence on Google and other leading search engines, you'll build greater brand recognition while improving lead generation in the process


    Using digital marketing, B2B companies can also for prospect more leads. Assuming you have a website, for instance, you can place a “contact us” form on it, allowing prospects to seek out more information about your products or services. Another idea is to toss up a newsletter signup form, which prospects can enter their email address to receive news, updates and other relevant content.

    The bottom line is that B2B companies can no longer ignore digital marketing. With smartphone usage continuing to rise, more and more companies are looking to buy products and services over the Internet. And if you fail to embrace digital marketing, you won't be able to capture these leads and convert them into sales.

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