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    Email marketing offers a cost-effective way for B2B companies to promote their products and services. While most forms of advertising yield a single sale when “successful,” you can often generate multiple sales from the same customer or client via email. However, you'll first need to build a decent-sized list with targeted sales leads, which is something we're going to discuss in today's blog post.

    Create a Newsletter Signup Form

    The easiest way to grow an email list is through a newsletter. Basically, you add a newsletter signup form to your website, allowing visitors to enter their address if they want to receive your newsletter. Some websites automatically display popup newsletter forms, which seems to work pretty well. Whether you intend to use a popup or not, though, make sure the newsletter form is displayed in a highly visible and prominent area of your website.

    You can't expect users to hand over their email address without some incentive. This doesn't have to necessarily be a monetary incentive. Rather, offer your subscribers something like an exclusive guide, how-to article, or some other digital product that's relevant to their interest. If they feel like they are getting something of value from signing up to your email newsletter, they'll feel more inclined to do so.

    YouTube Videos 

    If your business has a YouTube channel, try adding call to actions and URLs in your videos, encouraging viewers to sign up for your newsletter. Video has become an increasingly popular medium on which businesses can advertise their products and services. In fact, YouTube is classified as the second largest search engine in terms of traffic, only surpassed by its parent owner Google.

    Paid Search Advertising

    Paid search advertising, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads, offers a near-limitless supply of email addresses when used correctly. Business owners create custom ads that are triggered only when a visitor searches for a specific keyword. If you want to use paid search advertising to build a larger email list, you should include a newsletter signup form on your landing page, placing this form in a visible area somewhere above the fold.

    Social Media

    Yep, you can even grow your email list using Facebook and LinkedIn. Assuming your business has a company page (and it should), log into your Page and click the “Add a button” link followed by “Sign up.” You can then specify the URL for your email signup form, embedding a linked button to your Page. We've found that using paid or sponsored posts in Linkedin is a great way to grow our marketable database with targeted prospects. 

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