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    Email is no longer a promotional platform that business-to-business companies can afford to overlook. Whether you sell a B2B product or service (or both), you'll find email is more cost-effective lead generation tool than some of the traditional marketing platforms. According to Experian, it's actually 20 times more cost-effective. But if you want to leverage the full power of email, you should optimize your campaigns using the following tactics.

    Segment Your List

    Before sending prospects on your email list promotional messages, you should first segment them. According to a report published by Campaign Monitor, segmented email campaigns can generate 780% more revenue than generic campaigns. Segmentation refers to the process of separating prospects based on various criteria, after which you can create a more personalized message for a stronger response and higher conversion rate.

    There are different ways to segment an email list, some of which includes by niche/industry, geographic location, personas, budget, new vs returning customer, etc. Remember, there's no wrong way to segment an email list. As long as it's goign to help your messaging be more personalized, you should continue segmenting in that manner.

    Personalize Your Message

    Of course, segmentation is only one step in optimizing an email campaign. The next step is to personalize your message. Personalized messages typically yield higher open rates and higher conversion rates, making it well worth the minimal investment of your time and energy.

    To personalize your messages, think about the segment and what they are interested in. If you're creating an email for a segment of personas, use the appropriate lingo and jargon that the personas would typically use in their normal conversations. You want to “connect” with your audience, and writing/speaking from their perspective is the perfect way to do so.


    You can't expect prospects to follow through and buy your product or service during the initial email correspondence. HubSpot, for instance, states that 50% of B2B leads are not ready to buy during the initial correspondence. To overcome this hurdle, B2B marketers must nurture their leads through all stages of the sales funnel. 

    Hopefully, you'll collect information about your prospects' demographic and behaviors. Using this information, you can further customize your email messages to better connect with them. If a particular format doesn't work, customize your emails using a different format. Just remember to track your efforts so you know what works and what doesn't. Through trial and error, you'll eventually find a format that yields the highest conversion rate.


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