• Posted On Thursday, July 06, 2017 by Robert Smith


    Every business-to-business (B2B) company has that “one” account – you know, the one with the biggest budget, but you can't seem to crack. It's these highly coveted target accounts that can help B2B companies grow and expand their operations quickly. But engaging them isn't always an easy task. Maybe the prospect has already begun communicating with one of your competitors, or perhaps they simply believe that you can't effectively serve them. So, how do you engage impossible accounts such as this?

    Don't Bash the Competition

    One of the most common mistakes that B2B sales reps make when attempting to engage a prized account is bashing the competition. This is particularly true if the prospect is already engaging with the competing company. Speaking badly about your competition only dilutes your company's brand image with negativity – and obviously that's something you should try to avoid.


    Announce Unique Offerings

    Rather than bashing your competitor, try announcing products to the impossible account that aren't available by the competitor. If you offer a unique product that better meets the needs of the prospect, he or she may feel inclined to choose your company instead of your competitor. This helps salespersons engage difficult accounts without bashing their competitors and tarnishing their own reputation in the process.


    Look for Your Competitor's Weakness

    Every B2B company – and B2C company for that matter – has strengths and weaknesses. Before attempting to engage difficult accounts, research your competitors to identify their weaknesses. If a competitor is weak in an area in which you are strong, emphasize this during the sales call. Again, you shouldn't bash your competitors, but instead explain how your company excels in a particular area that's a key weakness of your competitor.


    Market Your Company as the Easiest Solution 

    Pricing isn't the only factor that prospects consider when choosing a company with whom to do business. B2B clients are often busy conducting their own business and work, which is why they typically seek the easiest solution with the lowest risk of problems. No business owner or “decision maker” wants to spend countless hours dealing with a difficult vendor. So, lay prospects' worries to rest by presenting your company as the easiest solution for their respective needs.

    Following the tips outlined here will help you convert those difficult accounts into paying clients. And once you have them in the door, you can nurture and retain them for years to come. Hopefully, these tips will help you engage the otherwise impossible accounts that are holding up your sales teams.


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