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    Are you struggling to generate more B2B leads? Acquiring leads is hard enough. But when your audience is other business owners and professionals, it's even more difficult. Thankfully, though, you can simplify the process by using the right tools. So for a list of the top B2B lead generation tools.


    Touted as the #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce is a powerful tool that shouldn't be overlooked. Some of the many services it offers includes customer information tracking, insights, email marketing and lead nurturing. Salesforce has several different packages to meet the needs of any business.



    Another great B2B tool is InsideSales. It features sales communications, gamification, email and web tracking, predictive forecasting, opportunity scoring, and lead scoring and prioritization. For its lead scoring and prioritization, InsideSales uses an exclusive interface called “NeuralView,” which lives up to its tagline of “work smarter, close faster” by allowing salespersons to target their most promising sales leads.



    We can't talk about the best lead generation tools without mentioning HubSpot. HubSpot offers a variety of software tools, including marketing, CRM and sales software, all of which can help you acquire more B2B leads. With HubSpot's CRM, for instance, you'll have access to industry-leading tools to automate otherwise tedious and time-consuming marketing processes. HubSpot CRM also offers tracking so you can see the stages in which prospects are located in your sales funnel.



    Social media networks are another platform on which to generate B2B leads, with the most effective being LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc., LinkedIn is designed specifically for business professionals. And since you're looking to acquire B2B leads, this makes it an ideal social media network for this purpose.



    A fifth lead generation tool is Email Hunter. As the name suggests, this tool allows sales and marketing professionals to “hunt” for email addresses. Simply enter a company's website URL into the search box and it will search for all related email addresses that are publicly available. Of course, you can then use those email addresses to reach out to the respective company and pitch your products or services.

    In addition to its signature email address finder, Email Hunter also has an address verifier. This tool will verify prospects' email addresses for legitimacy, checking to make sure they are accurate. You can even use an API call to access the email verifier.



     We're going to toot our own horn here. SalesLeads helps B2B companies to indentify new prospects that have an impending demand based on transistions within organization; like a relocation, expansion, new managers, hiring projections, among others. Our subscription based solutions are customized to each clients needs based on geogrpahy, industry, size, impending trigger event, etc. 

    SalesLeads helps you to prospect more efficiently by targeting companies that have a need for your products or services. 


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