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    Let's face it, every business-to-business (B2B) company needs sales leads to succeed. Without a list of prospects, you won't be able to promote your products or services effectively. Sure, you may get lucky and convert a few random prospects into paying customers, but this isn't a sustainable business model for long-term success. So, what steps can you take to find more B2B leads?

    #1) Establish a Web Presence

    Does your company have an professional website? If not, you should create one ASAP. Statistics show that nearly half of all small businesses still do not have a website. With a strong web presence, you'll have an easier time reaching new prospects and generating more leads.


    #2) Seek Referrals

    If you aren't doing so already, encourage your company's existing customers to refer their colleagues to your company. Assuming your company offers an exceptional product or service, they will likely do this already. However, you can further encourage word-of-mouth referrals by offering your customers an incentive, such as a referral reward or discount.

    #3) Customer Relationship Management Software 

    B2B companies can no longer afford not to use customer relationship management (CRM) software, especially if they want to beat their competition. Among other things, CRM software allows you to keep track of your prospects and existing customers, while also setting follow-up reminders and correspondences.


    #4) Create Buyer Personas

    What is a buyer persona and why should you create them? Basically, these are various personas of your target demographic. By creating buyer personas, you'll have a better understanding of who's interested in buying your products or services, which you can use to created more targeted marketing campaigns.


    #5) Inbound Marketing

    While there's no signs of traditional outbound marketing techniques going away anytime soon, B2B salespersons shouldn't overlook inbound marketing. As the name suggests, inbound marketing involves indirectly promoting a product or service by publishing high-quality content that's relevant to the target audience. The general idea is to encourage prospects to seek out more information about the product, service or business.


    #6) Include a Call to Action 

    Whether it's an email, your website, social media, etc., include a call to action (CTA) in your marketing material. A simple CTA button encourages prospects to take action, which can help you acquire them as a lead and possibly a customer. You can even split-test two or more different types of CTAs to see what works best for your company's needs.

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