• Posted On Tuesday, October 03, 2017


    Selling construction equipment requires a different approach than selling traditional consumer goods. With your target audience being other business owners and professionals, you'll need to adjust your approach accordingly. So, if you're looking to sell more construction equipment, consider the following six tips.

    #1) Identify Decision Makers

    When you collect a prospect's information, try to identify the decision makers in his or her company. These are the individuals who you'll need to appease to make a sale. And failure to take into account the decision makers will likely result in a missed sales opportunity.

    #2) Show How the Equipment Works

    Before buying construction equipment, most prospects want to know how it works -- and rightfully so. Construction equipment often comes with a hefty price tag, so prospects want to make a smart decision regarding the purchase. You can ease their worries and generate more sales by showing how the equipment works. Whether it's a video or image gallery with captions, walk the prospect through the equipment's functions.

    #3) Provide Accurate Quotes

    Do your best to provide prospects with accurate price quotes. You won't always know an exact price for every piece of equipment. Nonetheless, you should still quote prospects with an estimated price, and honor that price if they decide to buy the equipment.

    #4) Consider Auctions

    Auctions offer a viable alternative to traditional "direct" sales. Normally, however, they are most effective for selling used construction equipment, as it allows prospective buyers to get a good deal on equipment that's already showing signs of aging and wear. If you're worried about a buyer scooping up your used equipment at an unfair price, you can set a reserve price for the auction. This way, the equipment will only sell when a buyer bids at least the amount specified in the reserve price.

    #5) Browse the Competition

    What are your competitors doing? One of the great things about the Internet is that it creates a sense of transparency, allowing you to see exactly what your competitors are doing. Using the Internet, you can see other competing companies' ads, product lineup, offers, prices and more. You shouldn't replicate a competitor's process, but instead try to one-up their process by going above and beyond with your own business strategy.

    #6) Show Your Personal Side

    In other words, don't talk strictly in terms of business. You can ask prospect how their day is going to express your personal side. This otherwise simple touch can make a world of difference in your sales efforts.

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