• Posted On Friday, November 03, 2017


    Participating in trade shows is a great way for business-to-business (B2B) companies to attract prospects and build greater brand recognition. B2B audiences often need nurturing before they will buy a product or service. By setting up a booth at a trade show, you'll have an easier time networking with prospects and nurturing them through the sales cycle. However, you should follow the tips listed below to generate maximum exposure for your B2B company.

    #1) Find Out Who's Attending

    Try to find out who's going to attend the trade show before it actually happens. Granted, this isn't always possible. In some cases, however, you can request a list of attendees from the show coordinator. With this list in hand, you'll know exactly who's going to attend; thus, you can create an exhibit booth targeted towards these individuals.

    #2) Create Hype

    If you're planning to attend a trade show, let your audience know when and where this will happen so they can attend. Most trade show coordinators conduct their own marketing, but this doesn't necessarily mean that you can't promote it too. Perhaps some of your company's prospects are interested in attending. By promoting the show and creating "hype," you'll build greater exposure for your B2B company.

    #3) Arrive Early

    When it comes to trade shows, the early bird really does get the worm. By arriving early, you'll have plenty of time to set up your booth and prepare. Furthermore, you can also use this opportunity to network with attendees who arrive early.

    #4) Make It Eye-Catching

    It's not uncommon for B2B trade shows to feature 50 or more booths. With so many booths, you need to make yours stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, this task is easily accomplished by making your booth eye-catching. Including bright, bold visuals will grab attendees' attention and encourage them to ask questions.

    #5) Hand Out Material

    Don't underestimate the importance of handing out promotional material to attendees. When an attendee approaches your booth to find out more about your company, you should provide him or her with material such as a brochure. This way, you aren't relying on the attendee to "remember" your company; he or she will have a brochure with your company's information.

    #6) Offer Value

    Finally, you need to offer value at your booth; otherwise, attendees will skip it and move to the next booth. Some ideas to create value include promotional pricing or free giveaways like "swag bags."

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